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Cosmo' Glamsquad boutique, 7367 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Cosmos Glamsquad 

Cosmo's Glamsquad is a luxury fashion boutique rooted in the "underground couture" sub-culture.  An evolving curation resonates with the luxury shopper seeking statement-driven and avant-garde fashion.  The in-house collection by Cosmo and Donato is supported by a global selection of independent designers.  Cosmo's Glamsquad conveys aggressive perspectives in apparel, accessories, and conversation-art, and offers a discovery-driven shopping experience.


Cosmo's Glamsquad is the retail flagship of the Cosmo and Donato, Inc. portfolio.  The company operates 2 full-line retail stores, pop-up shops throughout Los Angeles, and online at www.CosmoAndDonato.com.  Their Melrose Ave boutique, Cosmo’s Glamsquad, is the penultimate Los Angeles mecca for fashion revolutionaries, editorial stylists, and Burning Man attire. 

In addition to private couturier services, Cosmo and Donato encompasses private-label design and manufacturing, custom-fragrance and cosmetics, and theatrical costumier divisions.   Cosmo and Donato manufacture exclusively in the United States.



For nearly 30 years, Cosmo Lombino has been at the center of gritty street-couture in Los Angeles.  Cosmo’s emboldened independence, rebellion and sense of humor have proven transformative and contagious, with walk-in customers and high profile figures alike.  Cosmo's talents at reinterpreting and personalizing mainstream trends shine at his Melrose Avenue boutique, Cosmo's Glamsquad.  The retail boutique exists as an ever-turning kaleidoscope - a "think-tank" of fashion evolution-- helmed by his business and design partner Donato Crowley.  As Creative Director of Glamsquad, Donato has opened up Cosmo's talents to the world, expanding the presence and notoriety of Glamsquad as both an experience-driven retail store and brand-name in its own right.

The pair produces a luxury knitwear collection rooted in premium fabrics and avant-garde silhouettes. Made in Los Angeles, their Cosmo + Donato flagship brand is rooted in casual luxury and avant-garde concepts.  Available exclusively at Cosmo's Glamsquad and www.CosmosGlamsquad.com, the CD brand is supported by a revolving curation of independent street-couture designers from across the globe.

Cosmo's legendary expertise is based in a succinct confidence that identifies -- in one second-- the exact piece that suits you exactly. His signature styling technique and eye for unconventional fashion made Cosmo himself a destination-experience.  Cosmo's confidence and hypnotic charm that convinces you to "come along for the ride" was perfected early-on as a New York City hairstylist.  Manhattan’s fashion disruptors of the 90's changed Cosmo's fate, and subsequently, the course of LA street-fashion.  Pat Fields, Fiorucci, Trash & Vaudeville, Jumpin’ Jack Flash – icons of New York's "anarchist couture" subculture -- laughed at elitist fashion. Street-artists that designed fashion transformed the high-end retail experience into a loft party fashion show; and made walk-in customers the first supermodels. 

The moment he brought the party to Los Angeles, Cosmo introduced a retail experience propelled by deliberate excitement and aggressive statement-fashion.  His retail store became known as a fashion incubator, crossing boundaries and fostering expressive fashion designers just beyond the horizon. This love for experimental fashion eventually elevated Glamsquad as a hub for (fellow) editorial fashion stylists, and eventually, the destination-retailer for Burning Man statement fashion.  All the while, Glamsquad's dressing salon evolved as an "atelier" where red-carpet style was retooled by Cosmo, one A-lister at a time.

From custom-designed attire for Deontay Wilder, the WBA Heavyweight Champion of The World, to renaming a dress for the Oscar-winning actress who fell in love with it in our store - Cosmo’s Glamsquad's attracts everyone near its doors... With a compelling presentation and the "Mad Hatter's" silliness, GlamSquad  belies an analytical genius that, in a split-second, can redefine individual presence and change everything.